#BiggestTree The big Tree

The tree is believed to be the biggest in West Africa with a diameter of 3.22 meters at 1.37 meters, 2.72 meters at 3.1 meters, making 12 metres in circumference. It unique way is spiritually inclined. The tree is almost 500yrs old which therefore makes it older than the old slave trade we know . According to the history, the tree was discovered by a hunter by the name Yaw Annor from akyem asaman in eastern region of Ghana. Is loacted the tick oda forest few kilometers from oda and akyem asaman respectively. The site is always open and visitors are allowed to tour around the tree and its history. Research states the branch from the tree which fell almost 48yrs ago is still strong on the ground which is vivid to all.

The tree is been recognized as the biggest tree in west Africa with the circumference of 12 meters, is hardly to see the end of the tree and even see any branches from beneath.

The most spiritual thing about this tree is when 14 people stretched their hands and try to walk around the tree , the more they walk around the tree, the larger the tree becomes. It stretches spiritually but is vivid to all during the process. A branch from the tree fell and is still strong after almost 48yrs on the ground. The tree got dust mixed with sand inside the tree and is eating by people around in need , to cure diseases and life breakthrough. According to the guard spiritually the tree is a man and therefore slogan “Abranteə Tree” meaning The tree that always looks young.
Growing in the forests of Akim Oda in Ghana’s Eastern region, the tree known locally as “the Big Tree” is of the Bako species and its botanical name is tieghemela heckle. Its unique nature is different in Africa. This magnificent tree is believed to be about 500 years old. ”

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