The feud between Drake and Movado spark alot of talking point in Jamaica as the Gaza and the gully Gad always wants who win . According to reports Vybz Kartel himself the leader of the Jamaican Gaza Music Group shows his support for Drake in the feud . Many were thinking because Movado from Jamaica he might get support from the Gaza king but went the other way.

This makes the atmosphere more tenser as Vybz Kartel and Mavado have been going at it for years.

Ever since Vybz Kartel has left the Alliance camp led by Bounty Killer he and the “Gangster for life” singjay has been exchanging diss tracks and even took the feud to the extent of a clash at the annual dancehall show called “Sting”.

Recent days have seen a new dimension to music feuding as international rapper Drake had done a freestyle launching lyrical attacks at someone most Jamaican fans of hip hop and dancehall are saying was for Mavado.

In a response to the Drake song, Mavado did not hesitate to respond to Drake as he released a song called “Enemy line” which response to lines of the song Drake did with very brutal words.

Many were thinking that if Vybz Kartel was to take a side it would have been Mavado since the two are musical brothers regardless of their feuding past however that was not the case as Vybz Kartel made a post on Instagram showing Drake stating his Gaza allegiance and support for Drake instead . According to Him Drake is far ahead of Movado to be disrespect him.

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