Producer OZ Keeps Making No. 1 Hits With The Biggest Rappers In The World

When Drake wants to make a hit, he has a new go-to producer he likes to call.

OZ is a 28-year-old musician from Switzerland who has been quietly building one of the most impressive resumes in rap over the past few years. Since 2018, he has earned three No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. First came “Sicko Mode” with Travis Scott and Drake, followed by Travis’ “Highest in the Room” and Drake’s “Toosie Slide.” In the process, he’s picked up multiple Grammy nominations and become a mainstay at the top of Billboard‘s producer and songwriter charts.

Making his beats out of a home studio in Switzerland, OZ has opted to keep a low profile and let the work do the talking. He acknowledges that he might be more well-known by now if he used a producer tag, but he’s avoided slapping his own name all over his beats because he would “just annoy people with my tag.” The quality of the music is more important to him than anything.

Hitting a groove over the past few years, OZ has formed a particularly close relationship with Drake. They first collaborated on 2016’s Viewsalbum cut, “U with Me?” Then, following the success of “Sicko Mode,” they reconnected on Drake’s 2019 singles, “Omertá” and “Gold Roses.” Forming an even closer bond in 2020, they’ve already released six more collaborations: “Life Is Good,” “Toosie Slide,” “Time Flies,” “Losses,” “Greece,” and “Popstar.” Half of their 2020 releases rose straight to the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100.

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