People Can’t Get Enough After Kanye West Posts Picture Of Eating Chick-Fil-A With Steve Harvey

Kanye West has been on a very public emotional roller coaster the past several weeks, with many fans have truly hoping that he’d be able to get some help soon. Now, after talk of trying to incorporate his love for Indiana Jones into his home with a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style boulder door, we see that the embattled hip hop star / mogul has, at least, taken some time out to dine with a friend. And, by “dine with a friend” I mean hit up Chick-fil-A with Family Feud host Steve Harvey. I’m not mad at it, but believe me when I saw that many fans do not share my opinion.

To be quite honest, I didn’t even realize that Kanye West and Steve Harvey were buddies, especially not in the “Hey, man, let’s go grab a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries” kind of way that would lead me to assume that a meeting such as this would both occur, and need to be captured for posterity. But, who among us really knows the life of Kanye West, right? At any rate, the picture he posted to Twitterseems innocuous enough, but fans have found plenty to talk about after peeping the photo. So, let’s take a look and dive into some of what’s being said after. Here we go.

I mean, come on. That’s a pleasant enough photo, right? That’s a big, bright smile from Steve Harvey; even if he is, as one reply noted, dressed like he’s about to go on safari. But, why don’t we start with the caption, because some (OK…a lot of) people are taking exception with it:

I know! I was really stunned by the number of people who took time to reply to Kanye West’s tweet who were simply not in the mood for creative use of incorrect English. He probably fired off this tweet pretty quickly (he likely wanted to dig into his food, you guys) and thought that this caption, as opposed to “Steve Harvey and I were hungry,” helped to make the post fun, snappy and completely free of the drama and controversy that many of his recent posts have elicited. Alas, it appears that Mr. West will need to try again.

If you can imagine it, there were people who were not impressed at all that West and Harvey were hanging out, to the point of what seems to be at least mild disguise. Well, sure. Most fast food is pretty basic, but is there really anything wrong with wanting a quick, filling bite? Maybe they were out running around and didn’t feel like trying to deal with some fancy restaurant, alright? Though, I will admit, when I sit down for my first dining out experience in months, it will be at a joint that’s at least a bit classier than Chick-fil-A. And, speaking of dining out:

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