What happens to your body when you kiss?

Kissing is obviously pretty awesome and most of us enjoy the process. It makes us feel good and generally, the idea of kissing or being kissed by a person you like is pretty appealing. But do you know what actually happens to your body when you kiss? What chemical reactions take place, how does kissing affect you on a physical and on a psychological level? Did you know that kissing can actually be beneficial to your health? Well, you’re about to find out and we’re pretty sure that afterwards, you’ll want to make kissing a way bigger part of your life and dedicate more time to it.

Happy Hormones

This is one of the obvious things that most of you will probably know about. Many of us have heard that you get happy hormones from kissing. But what does it actually mean? Well, when you’re kissing your brain essentially tells your body to release a whole bunch of hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which are pretty powerful and can make you feel actually euphoric.


Happy Hormones | What happens to your body when you kiss? | Zestradar

 Less Stress

If you’re feeling a lot of stress ( and oh boy are we this year) your best course of action is to go make out with your partner. Kissing actually lowers cortisol levels which literally translates to less stress. There have been studies made that have actually proved that just 15 minutes of making out can actually visibly lower your cortisol levels.

Less Stress | What happens to your body when you kiss? | Zestradar

 Higher Self-Esteem

Another cool side-effect of kissing is that your self-esteem actually gets better. The combination of happy hormones and the lowering of stress hormones really has a beneficial effect on a person’s wellbeing and people who kiss often generally have higher self-esteem and their understanding of self-worth is much better.

Higher Self-Esteem | What happens to your body when you kiss? | Zestradar

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