Prosecutor Makes Big Claims In Maradona Death Case

Prosecutor Makes Big Claims In Maradona Death Case

An early investigation into the death of Diego Maradona has seen the prosecutor working the case make big claims about the way the 1986 FIFA World Cup legend was treated before his passing.

The former Napoli No. 10 died in his home on 25 November after suffering a heart attack, which led to an outpouring of tributes for the Argentine icon, and an investigation into his doctor being launched.

Following his passing, it was said that Dr. Leopoldo Luque was set to be looked into after Maradona’s daughters expressed concerns about how their father was being treated for his heart condition.

Luque defended his practice in an emotional televised interview, claiming that Maradona “should have gone to a rehabilitation centre. He didn’t want to. I am the person who has been taking care of him. I’m proud of everything I’ve done. I have nothing to hide. I am at the disposal of justice.”

A week later, La Repubblica has published the first reports since the investigation began, with San Isidro’s prosecutor reportedly stating that: “No one took care of the patient, we are in the presence of guilty behaviour of doctors in a case of serious neglect.

“The patient was not monitored, was not under continuous medical supervision as his condition would have required. He did not take any medication for his heart disease.

“Without any doubt, his doctor was Dr. Leopoldo Luque. He co-ordinated such deficient home care which was totally unorganised. The patient confided in him blindly.”

Luque, who had his house and offices raided by authorities days after Maradona’s death, was also described as somebody who “doted on the champion and wanted to go down in history as the doctor who saved Maradona”.

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