Bob Marley The Epicentre Of New Peace, Love And Unity Board Game

Bob Marley The Epicentre Of New Peace, Love And Unity Board Game

Bob Marley’s legendary status continues to make leaps and bounds decades after his death, with High Roller Games, a Canadian company that specializes in licensed board games, making the Reggae icon the epicentre of its newest game.

It is being sold online for J$7,218.99 approximately US$55 and has been described by High Roller, which is based in Kelowna, as its biggest ever projects.

On YouTube, High Roller Games described the board game, which is built or two to four players, as one of “strategy and luck”, in which players form a band and go out on a Marley inspired world-tour.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our biggest brand yet! The legendary Marley family has given us the green light on our latest game, Bob Marley: The Game of Peace, Love and Unity.    Your goal is to add musicians, earn the love of your loyal fans and inspire Unity along the way,” it said.

“Perform at historical concerts as you travel the board with your band in your very own tour bus.   As your fan base grows, you can work your way up to international super stardom. Win the game by using the power of music and love to spread Peace and Unity around the World,” it added.

High Roller Games CEO Derek Hodgins told media outlet Global News that marking Marley’s  milestone anniversary with a board game, was a “natural fit for High Roller”.

“Honestly, it was something that, really, we felt pulled to and we went after it,” he said.

“We’ve been fans of Bob Marley since we were kids… I love his music.   As for the game, it’s very much straight-forward and is somewhat of a traditional board game.  The game looks like Monopoly, but it’s actually fun… There’s a good bit of depth to it and a good balance of strategy and luck,” he added.

Dave Phelps, game designer for High Roller Games, in his comments, said the game was produced with complete sustainability in mind as the Marley family is into humanitarian and environmental causes.

In fact, there was no other choice, as the Marley family strictly controls licensing of the Reggae icon’s image.  As a consequence, no plastic is involved in the creation of the game, and part of the proceeds will also be donated to One Tree Planted.

Hodgins told Global News that says the Marley family jumped on board with the game, stating Ziggy Marley played the game and that Cedella Marley is the voice-over on the promotional video which is being streamed on youTube.

“Working with the Marley folks has been really amazing; they have been very supportive,” Hodgins said.

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