‘Humble Icon’ EP Album By Jabesh And Fiyah Nation Band Done Cooking & Ready For The Market Soon


“Black As A Tar’ as been first single from the newly mastered live Session recordings by Fiyah Nation Band and Jabesh Is ready to be premiere this month January 20, 2021 and all digital and social media platforms.

The songs recorded, mix and Mastered by one of the Europe’s favourite best reggae producer Ocki Klootwijk inside Rocktown Rotterdam Studio. According to the producer, this album has been one of the best productions been delivered by him.

He said “all their songs are positive and well arranged so you begin to have that positive feeling when working with them, is an honour to work with them and this project will go far and far all over” Ocki.

The 7 awesome songs from the “Humble Icon” EP includes

“HUMBLE ICON” EP Album Tracklist

1. No Justice
2. Black As Tar
3. Pray Fi Happen
4. Day One
5. Mr Contractor
6. Rasta Youth’s
7. Everywhere We Go

All songs written and composed by Jabesh and all riddims hosted by Fiyah nation band.

“Our new project is been target the world market , amean the world market and we are capable to reach that height for we work and backed all this big artist in Europe, we are ready with our first project and now with ‘Humble Icon’ EP we are ready” Bob (Lead Guitarist).

Aside been one of the professional reggae band in Europe in recent years ascending, the indifactible reggae band group based In Europe Fiyah Nation Band and Jabesh Adam’s (Vocalist) are now ready for another brand new album for the new year 2021.

According to the Band, this new project started as soon as they release their first project which was “Emphatic EP” album which fought its position in the world market been sampling across the globe with massive support.


According to the band leader M Loods ‘The Band Is Aiming at touring the world after the pandemic when things are ok to make the fans happy also conscious for all our songs are uplfitment songs and  we want this our new project ( Humble Icon EP) to reach up to all the four corners of the world .

The EP was produce written and composed by M Loods aka Bob Venga (Lead Guitarist) And Jabesh Adams (Vocalist- composer). The with their unique songs and crowd moving spirit is ready with the hottest EP right now “ Humble Icon EP” which is the second project from the group in a year.

Here is the link to buy , stream and download their old project which was released a year ago, classic album on all online stores(Emphatic EP) whiles we waiting for the new project “Humble Icon” EP on 20 January 2021 still  Emphatic EP is available on all digital platforms.


Fyah Nation Band Belgium And Netherlands in partnership with Mo-afriquè International/ LTM Records a distribution company in South Africa is set to thrill fans and patrons across the globe with another well arranged and produced EP album dubbed “Humble Icon” EP.

The Fiyah Nation Band began in 2009 as a backing band after a split from
the Renaissance band – Ziggi’s Z I G G I R I C A R D O back up band with
whom they toured all around Europe for several years.
The highlight of this period was the 3 weeks tour alongside
G E N T L E M E N.

They are in the system for quite long time and this is the time to have a feel of their soothing sound and highly incredible medics filled in their current project to be released soon. Folks keep fingers crossed for the date and be the first to stream this beautiful project.

The 7 tracks EP include well written, composed and produced songs like “Black As A Tar’ which is already trending by like a star.

According to their band leader Bob, the EP which targets music lovers in Canada, USA, Asia, Southern America, Europe and Africa is set to be premiered worldwide on the 20th day on Jan 2021.

List of Band members

Leadvocals- Jabesh
On keyboard- Vishaal
Drums- King Staka
Guitar- Bob Venga
Bass- Bocca Rankz

Backin vacals:

Jennever pengel

Jaap voeten
Howard sie

Recorded at- rocktown rotterdam studio-Mix Nad mastered by Ocki Klootwijk

All lyrics by  Jabesh Adams
All riddims by fiyah nation band

Humble icon 2020,raspekt to all our reggae legends.

Production credit is exclusive to lead singer Jabesh and all band members especially Bob venga the band leader.

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Enjoy snippet of the new single “Black As A Tar” from the album “Humble Icon” EP.

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