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The  “Take Me Home Tour and Music Festival”. is a revolutionary international history making, epic series of events are providing the ultimate experience of African and Caribbean influenced live music such as Reggae, Dancehall, Highlife, Afrobeats, Hiplife and many resources for African Americans and the Diaspora Markets.  The “Take Me Home Tour and Music Festival” will be launched and showcased starting in Takoradi, Ghana  on February 6, to February 18, 2020  with the actual Festival occurring on  February 14, 2020. The Tour will then continue touring throughout African countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and many more. The “Take Me Home Tour and Music Festival” will then proceed to Europe and UK, progressing to North America and then concluding in the Caribbean.

The “Take Me Home Tour and Music Festival” was created by the Kwesi Selassie, The Lion of Africa Label, in reaction to the Ghanaian government designating 2019 The Year of Return to commemorate 400 years since the first enslaved African in Ghana arrived in the USA.  The Kwesi Selassie, The Lion of Africa Label has developed the “Take Me Home Tour and Music Festival” to include local and international live music performances and many other components that are targeted at the international markets of the south, central, and north American  and European Africans and the diasporas.

The objective of the “Take Me Home Tour and Music Festival” is to provide platforms for the global African Descendant family to obtain information and accessibility to beneficial resources. We are facilitating the diasporas and potential returnees with solutions of national and international advisors, prospective possibilities and assistance with financial institutions, investments, employment, entrepreneurship, mortgages, recruitment, real estate, transportation solutions, immigration and many more. These are made possible through live music performances, exhibitors, vendors, speakers, networking, discussion panels, and historical tours. Addressing Important issues, to encourage participation in tourism, social, cultural, political and economics. Speakers will include diplomats, employees, CEO’s and ministers and returnees such as our Special Guest Honorable Ras Mubarak a Member of Parliament,   whom has already been confirmed to be a participant.  We are also requesting for your participation and support of the “Take Me Home Tour and Music Festival” in the capacity of either financial or resource donations or to become a guest speaker or to conduct an outreach workshop.


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