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Barry Dread

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Barry Dread is a bassist/singer/songwriter who plays some original roots reggae vibe with a spiritual uplifting and soulful message.

Born in London he has been in the music business for over 30 years having the pleasure to learn from and to play with, along with the Sunset Band many of the reggae greats such as John Holt, Alton Ellis, Leroy Smart and many others.
Sunset Band was the heart and soul of Barry Dread in the 80's and had many singers and worked with many community artists, there were plenty of park events and shows and graced the stage with comunity bands like Instigators and Hard Rock, Undivided Roots.

In 1992 he started going studio to record his own works but then an opportunity came along to tour Europe with this artist from Jamaica called IQulah Rastafari a great Ras affiliated to the Nyabinghi order. Along with his band the Giddeon force we went to nealy all the countries in Europe and during that time he became more Ital and vital it was a great spiritual upliftment and to see how reggae music is loved everywhere.

In 1997 he released his 1st single Mothers cry on his own label CAN records a song about the travails of mothers internationally. then in the same year he put out the doulble sided 12 '' called Education/Girl of my dreams then in 2000 he released Jah Love then a single called Run Goh.

Barry Dread - Jah Love (Voice)


Barry Dread 'The Gun and The Knife'

Barry Dread 'Bread Basket'

Barry Dread - I've Got Joy!


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