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BOHBI FM is performing at Kwesi Selassie’s “Take Me Home & Muiscal Concert” which is happening on 16th February in Takoradi [GHANA]. Get familiar with Bohbi FM by reading his bio below.

BOHBI FM is a UK reggae messenger, but he was born in Ivory Coast.

As a multi-instrumentalist and a singer, Bohbi FM finds a fast ease creating melodies for his beats when he’s in a scheduled composition mode or even when he finds himself sparring spontaneously with the keyboard, guitar or the percussion.

Over the years since his maiden album, Bohbi FM has been active playing concerts in and outside the UK. He has performed in France, Ethiopia, Thailand and in other countries.

Blending French and British English, Bohbi stands out among his British contemporaries as a bilingual reggae artiste. His music has a sure spot in the Francophone music market while his Anglophone side has fetched in a good count of English listeners in and outside the UK.

Up Bohbi FM’s discography shelf sits 5 well-produced albums. 1st Album: Poscion Ina Diaspora, 2nd: Jahudia, 3rd: Ismology, 4th: Poscion Dub and 5th The Son of the Sun. Bohbi is still busy in the studio working up new singles and he has plans to release his 6th album and more albums in the coming years.

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