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Natural Vybz

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Natural Vybz was born Morgan Jankie in the town of VieuxFort On the small Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. Growing up in a family ofsingers and devout church-goers, music was always around and as farAs he could remember he has always been involved with music. Morgan  started playing the guitar at the tender age of twelve years and soon  after that he started writing and composing his own songs using the  experiences of life in the island paradise to inspire his words and  Music .

After recording his first song in 1994, Morgan migrated tot he USA in The dawn of the new millennium and started honing his talent by performing at shows around  America . The experience was a good training on international states And, after being booked for shows in Jamaica and his home country St. Lucia, Morgan decided to go professional in 2007 as Natural Vybz.  Now, after many years under the radar this multi-talented artist has  decided to step up to the forefront in-full force and make his music Known to the world .Natural Vybz has become the newest sensation to take he reggae World by Storm. His unique style of lyrical content has executives fromLabels such as Universal Records paying close attention. Former Marketing Director of Def Jam and current Marketing Director of 'Source' magazine Jazz Young said Natural Vybz is the best she’s heard  Since Bob Marley . Former BadBoy Records A&R and current Para Music  Group A&R Group Group Daniel “SKID” Mitchell describes Natural Vybz as'..the next  Big thing that the world will see.

With over 15 years in the industry Natural Vybz has been branded by Many as the best lyricist of this era. Although he appreciates the diversity of Reggae music, he gravitates to Roots&Culture since he Believes in sharing knowledge and upfiftment for all people. Natural Vybz is a breath of fresh air guaranteed to add substance and serenity Wherever he performs.With his captivating style and sing-along musical punch-lines, Natural Vybz is sure to take a leading place in the global reggae music Industry.

His new album Good side of life is sheduled  to be released at the end of November 2016. The Album is forcasted to be very impactful  and  best selling hopefull, a guranteed classic that will endure the test of times ALBUM REVIEW: NATURAL VYBZ

The debut album "Good Side of Life" by Boston, Massachusetts Based St.Lucian Reggae artist Natural Vybz puts the listener in the zone in true Rockers/Reggae/Roots fashion. The lead-off track “Nobody Elses Memory” serves up a crisp, clean dose of Natural Vybz’ style likened to that of some of Reggae music’s greatest songwriters. Track two, “Good Side of Life” is a celebratory song where Natural Vybz again celebrates maturity in leaving a life of hanging with the wrong crowd. In “Know Bout” Natural Vybz asks the listener if they know about ghetto living, how much men suffer, and fighting for water at night. He gives a nod to the listener who does in fact know about ghetto living, calling them ‘ghetto qualified.’

The smooth, melodic “Love Me Gently” is Rockers at its best with Natural Vybz speaking about a woman begging for real love, and an escape from being abused, raped, and used by men. Natural Vybz takes you through the story with a slight wail in his voice, making you feel the pain, and actually bringing the story to life. The bouncy “Soft Touch” explains the difference between loving a woman the wrong way, and the right way. At only 2:40, “Soft Touch” is sure to get a few rewinds before moving to the next track.

The song “Paradise” includes all the flavors and sounds of a Reggae two-step song, and reminds you of a midnight dance in the rain on a romantic island. “Heart Beat” is a crossover Reggae hit with the potential to be certified Gold and Platinum. This song can easily navigate the waters of the industry if placed in the right hands. Hint: Deejays should request this a cappella and REMIX IT! The song “Never Run Away” feels like Sly and Robbie, with a feature by Freedom Cry. Natural Vybz assures he will never run away from his children or family, regardless of the pressures of life.

“Never Too Late” reminds us that life is short, and tomorrow isn’t promised. Natural Vybz asks the listener to use their time on earth wisely and take time to tell someone you love them. The backing track is a beautiful Reggae bounce track, with a smooth, infectious rhythm. The horns, bass, guitar lick and funk fusion “She Look Good” could easily be considered Natural Vybz’ version of the Commodores’ “Brick House.” Natural Vybz bobs and weaves through the track in a spirited, fun, uplifting, party style. With another feature by Freedom Cry, Natural Vybz defends the Rasta man in “Real Life,” proudly proclaiming: “we the rod of correction, we nah spare them.”

The last song on the album “You Got Me” is a future chart-topper, bringing back the begging lover who would do anything for the love of his woman. The syrupy flow is perfect atop the heavy bass and synth-laden track. Each of the songs on the Natural Vybez album is packed with stellar production, with lyrical and musical elements worthy of major label signing. If Natural Vybz decides to take the independent route, he will definitely have the majors blowing up his phone.

Natural Vybz - Nobody Elses Memory (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) JonFX Prod.


Natural Vybz - Winner (2018)

Natural Vybz - Nobody Elses Memory
(Official Music Video)



Natural Vybz @ Hootananny 12Sep19 Pt 13


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