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Papa Levy

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Phillip Levy, AKA Papa Levy, started singing in church at a very young age; he continued to perform in school concerts and talent shows. As the years went by opportunity struck in the 1990s with his very first performance at Epiphany night club in Kingston, Jamaica where Junior Reid was headlining. Phillip continued to perform in the
dancehall scene, using various sound systems at major stage shows to get his name out there. These sound systems include Arrows Intl, Afrique, Gemini, Metro Media and Soul to Soul. Phillip migrated to Toronto, Canada in the early ‘90s.

He started to perform at night clubs throughout the city with a numerous bands such as The Blackburn, Satellites,
Sugar and many others. Phillip as also performed on some of the yearly festivals taking place throughout Toronto such has, Jambana, Irie Fest, Afro Fest, just to name a few. Phillip then started to perform every weekend with these bands as guest artist at venues such as Joe Mamas located on King Street in Toronto.

Over the years, he has been inspired by many artists such as the great Dennis Brown, his cousin Barrington Levy,
Prince Everald and Al Campbell. With his smoky, honey-tinged voice and irresistible stage presence, Papa Levy has become a fan favorite. On April 5, 2008 while he was performing at the Carlos Café in Kingston, Jamaica, Phillip met a producer by the name of Danny Champaign from Champaign Intl Records. He saw great talent in Phillip and decided to record a song with him on his label.

The track, Mr. Levy, was released and still receives airplay to this day. he has won an award from Reggae Xclusive for New Voice in Reggae Spotlight for Toronto. He also now has 4 songs getting airplay in England, Jamaica, Canada, and the US. The name of the songs are Praise Without Raise, Stimulus Package, Things in Life, Mr. Money Man, and etc. all these songs are featured on his album Stimulus Show Case in stores now more. He is still in the studio working and some more projects.

Papa Levy - Move Up Time (Official Video)

Papa Levy - Stimulus Package (Official Video)

Hackla Lea Mackla - Papa Levy


Papa Levy - Mama Africa Fi Free

Papa Levy Live Performance on Real Life Matters TV


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